Many groups and organisations have produced excellent material on social care.  The following lists refer to materials produced by other organisations that NaCSILS believes might be of use to campaigners.

Personal Stories highlighting the importance of Change

Age UK interviews:  Facebook

Ealing Reclaim Social Care Action Group’s testimonies:

See Sandra Daniels, Bob Williams-Findlay, Lisa and Marielle  Video | Peoples Covid Inquiry

 Actions you can take:

 The state of social care now:

Social care in England is failing – we can change this: 

  • 26% fewer people are supported than in 2010, while demand soars
  • People face isolation, indignity, maltreatment, neglect, barriers to inclusion and barriers to independent living
  • Care is marketised and privatised. Many small providers have folded; care homes are increasingly managed by unstable corporates and hedge funds that often deliver poor care in large institutional settings while extracting massive offshore profits.
  • Disabled, elderly people and others who need care and support face high charges, leaving thousands in poverty
  • Care and support do not reflect users’ needs or wishes. The principle of independent living is particularly neglected.
  • Staff wages, training and conditions are at rock bottom – turnover exceeds 30%.
  • 8 million unpaid, overworked family carers, including children and elderly relatives, provide vital support

Click here to see:  Fixing Social Care | Library | The Centre for Welfare Reform

And click here for:  WBG response to Government Plans on Funding for Social Care – Womens Budget Group

No full integration between health and social care


Click here to see article


Click here to see Richard Hatcher’s thoughts – Democracy in Social Care

Independant Living

Click on the following link to see Reclaiming our Future’s Alliance vision on the future of independent living for disabled people,

and download the Independent Living for the Future document by clicking the link below:

Political Party Commitments

A Vision of Social Care by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Social Care

Click here to view the document 

Motion on social care passed at Green Party Conference 2021:

Click here to see the document

Indie SAGE ‘Building a consensus for health, care and support services fit for the pandemic era.’

Click below to see the briefing:

IPPR: social care free at the point of need

Please read for the discussion about funding care and support. NaCSILS does not support the implication at the end of this paper which suggests merger of social care into the NHS.

social-care-free-at-the-point-of-need-may-19.pdf (